Cocoa Done Right

Here at Olairitani, we cooperate with farmer groups, making sure there is a proper coordination within the group and with each individual farmer. We closely monitor the post harvest process in order to assure a high-end quality produce, high ecological standards, good management processes, proper storage conditions are observed and all the logistics are done right.
We empower our farmers through entrepreneurial training sessions and give them a transparent exposure to the rapidly evolving consumer world. This way we equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to make even more profit.

Excellent Cocoa Makes Excellent Chocolate

80% of Tanzanian cacao comes from the Mbeya region. Blessed with the some of the best cacao genetics in the world, we are proud to represent Tanzanian Cocoa!

Organically Sourced,

Future Focused.

While the most common historic approach was to sell bulk, the farmers didn’t receive a good enough price to develop themselves further or take care of all their various family needs.

Moreover, quality standards varied a lot due to the fact that there wasn’t a coordinated process to help control what was happening and that coherently laid out the expectations of the industry. This is what we aim to change.

We will not only provide an entrepreneurial environment for the farmers to work in a cooperative manner, but also, open the possibilities to achieve individual (personal) goals that each of them has for their families.

Guaranteed Quality

We are young, passionate and eager to grow. The only way we can do this is by being honest and transparent with both our clients and our farmers!


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